Pros and Cons of Rearing Alpaca and Horses Together

Have you ever thought of rearing alpaca and horses all in the same ranch? This is one of the questions that I periodically ask my readers when they call on me for advice. First, it is nice to note that I have vast knowledge of alpaca but I do not in any way intend to rear them together with horses.

Here are the pros and cons of rearing Alpaca and horses together.


Perhaps one of the main benefits of doing this form of animal keeping is that you get to save money on pastures and medications. This is because the two domesticated animals can share some of the medications. However, you should not now ignore the need to seek the expertise of professional veterinarian expert. Some of the medications that are given to Alpaca may have a negative impact on horses. The vice varsa is also true.



Unless you have a very expansive ranch, you should never attempt to rear Alpaca and horses in the same area. This is because the two are not actually real friends and could harm each other if threatened. Lack of enough food is one of the main causes of this problem. However, if you have the ranch and enough pasture, go ahead and keep them together.

There you have it, those are the pros and cons of rearing Alpaca and horses in the same area. If you must, separate the two and you will not regret it.

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