Introducing Alpaca Farming in Africa

You will be forgiven for thinking that Alpaca are widely kept in Africa. As a matter of fact and going by the many reviews and research studies that have been conducted in various parts of Africa. The number of people who actually keep Alpaca is actually countable. That is, you can literally decide to traverse the entire continent and succeed in counting the number of farms that you find that keep Alpaca.

Here are some tips about introducing Alpaca in Africa.



It is important that the company or organization that is concerned about rearing alpaca in Africa gets down to work and looks at the various parameters that might have a positive or negative impact on the well being of the alpacas to be introduced. For instance, it is important to know the local weather conditions and availability of food, and in this case we mean pastures.


The hard and naked truth is that it is not possible to introduce a new form of farming and expect that the people of Africa will gracefully accept it. They need money to help them actually take care of the animals. Hence, it is important to set aside some amount of money to cater for this purpose.

Finally, the team needs to train the local farmers on how to take care of the animals in order to get maximum returns from their investments. This is all possible through holding conferences.

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