Experience Working in a Towing Company

Last week I got an opportunity to work in one of the best tow truck company in the world today. I wanted to work with the field staff and the manager who happens to be one of my childhood friends agreed to my request. Here are some of the things or lessons if you like that I got from the experience. I hope that this article will shed some light about this industry and how it affects the economy positively.

The Hustles is Real

This is what hit me immediately that I started working in the company. Do not or ever look down upon the person who comes to assist you when you are involved in an accident or you ran out of gas when driving to work. The staff members were very committed to their jobs. They told me that they do not just work to make money or please the boss, they work to make sure that the clients, you and me, get to various destinations safely and faster.


The Company Makes Money

This is rather obvious and I will try to make sure that I do not break any rules that I signed to obey. One of the main reasons why there are so many towing companies in the world today is because of the demand for the services. Too many times, we have seen drivers who are not incompetent get involved in accidents. But that is not the point for this paragraph, people are buying cars on a daily basis, and this means that the demand for towing services will only increase.

Finally, I learn that towing is just like any other business in the world, the company has departments and people who work and are required to deliver certain objectives or results at the end of the day.

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