Alpaca Health Management Tips

Alpaca is one of the rare and most unique animals that you can keep in your homestead. However, before we even dig deeper, it is imperative to note that these animals require special attention. For instance, they cannot survive in certain parts of the world that experience high temperatures.

Today, I want give your Alpaca health management tips that you as the owner or the farmer need to keep in mind.


If you want to benefit from rearing animals, you need to stop seeing them as animals but also your children. This is rather absurd to mention the word children when discussing children but that is what it is. You should take care of them just like you do to your children. Do not do things that you cannot do your children when choosing which foods to feed them on.


Time to Play

Well, during the harsh weather conditions, it would not be wise to allow the animals to roam about outdoor, as the cold and rain or snow could compromise their health and growth. However, during the normal conditions, you should allow them to play around so as to exercise their bodies. Lack of exercise is in fact one of the leading causes of common health conditions such as physical fatigue.

Finally, you need to make sure that you have them tested for some of the common diseases that affect this type of animals.

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